The combined business will have a turnover exceeding £7million and offer its customers the most complete range of products available from any supplier in the sector, says Marsh

“Girbau is probably one of the world’s most renowned laundry equipment manufacturers. I am convinced we will be able to double turnover within three to five years.”

Girbau UK plans to increase its sales team, expand the after-sales service and strengthen its network of distributors.

Pere Girbau, chairman of the Girbau Group, firmly believes the creation of Girbau UK will be a major turning point for the group’s performance in the UK. “The combination of Girbau’s extensive and highly praised range of equipment together with the service provided by JHC augurs very well indeed for the future of Girbau UK. We are absolutely convinced that our UK clients will recognise and appreciate the advantages brought to them through this project,” he added.

David Oliver who ran Viking, the previous representative has retired, He was part of a team that purchased that company when it was on the brink of receivership. He was then sales director and became managing director two years later. His ten years in the post have seen very sound trading, bringing the company to a sound financial footing and he had a loyal following in both staff and customers. The Girbau group thanked him for his efforts and contribution to Viking, praising him for his professionalism during this period.

UK SUBSIDIARY: Managing director for Girbau UK, Peter Marsh Peter Marsh