The magazine praised Green Garmento’s development of a $10 reusable drycleaning bag that holds 12 garments, so helping to reduce the 300million lbs of plastic bags dumped in USA landfills each year. The multi-purpose garment carrier can be used in three different ways. It fits into a hamper frame for storing garments, converts into a duffel type bag for carrying them to the shop and then into a hanger bag for carrying the finished garments home.

Jenni Nigrosh, joint owner of the company says that the bags can be customised, either in the USA or at the factory in China so drycleaners can sell them or use them as a marketing tool.

In a New York Times article this month, Nigrosh and her husband and business partner Rick Siegel said that they have sold 40,000 Green Garmento to date – and expect to sell 300,000 more by July 2011.