Agaia Inc’s Evolve Laundry Complete 203L has become the first industrial and institutional laundry detergent to be accredited under the Green Seal certification scheme.
The certification was awarded after rigorous testing for both performance and sustainability and to date Evolve is the only commercial and institutional detergent to meet Green Seal’s guidelines.
A study for the hotel and hospitality sector by Philips & Associates showed that Evolve, which cleans in cold water, extended linen life and achieved a 10X reduction in replacement costs compared to those for other laundry cleaners. It also found that while a typical commercial laundry can use up to six different chemicals for each load of laundry, Evolve’s formulation reduced this to two.
The need for fewer wash cycles reduced water consumption by nearly 50% and energy costs by nearly 60%.
Founded in 1989, the Green Seal certification scheme is intended to help consumers and businesses make green purchasing choices and support environmentally responsible practices.