GreenEarth Cleaning has promoted Andy Lien (pictured) to the position of GreenEarth's technical director. Announcing the appointment this month, GreenEarth Cleaning president Tim Maxwell said: “Andy has demonstrated terrific technical, communications, and managerial skills during his six year tenure with our team.”

Lien is the second technical director in the 20-year history of GreenEarth Cleaning. Since helping to found the company, Jim Douglas has served in the role throughout its growth from a new start-up company to the largest environmental drycleaning brand in the world. Jim Douglas added: “Andy is tremendously capable, and I know he will provide great guidance and support to our Affiliated Members during the coming years. He's an outstanding talent and we're fortunate to have him on our team.”

Lien graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Minnesota State University. After two stints as a manager in the service industry, he served as the general manager and director of operations for Camelot Cleaners in Fargo, North Dakota from 2006 to 2013. It was during this period where Lien became familiar with GreenEarth's sustainable drycleaning process and helped to convert the Camelot Cleaners operation from perchloroethylene to GreenEarth.