GreenEarth Cleaning celebrated its 20th Earth Day as green as ever. The provider of environmentally non-toxic drycleaning technology linked its 20th anniversary with the planet-loving holiday by supporting a clothes drive benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as other regional nonprofits, which GreenEarth Cleaning president Tim Maxwell noted was well-suited to the brand’s mission.

“Celebrating all that our planet provides us has been a fixture of GreenEarth Cleaning since the formation of our company 20 years ago,” Maxwell said. “With the growing issues surrounding the disposal of waste associated with fast fashion, we felt that collecting clothing for charities fit our network’s focus on sustainable garment care.”

From Connecticut to Colorado to California, 140 affiliated retail locations joined the GreenEarth Cleaning 20th Anniversary Earth Day Clothes Drive for the month of April, racking up a combined donation amount of 20,000 pounds and counting – an average of 150 pounds per store. At the GreenEarth home office in Kansas City, Missouri, the team (pictured) partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City as well as local taproom Bier Station for a one-day clothes drive event of their own on April 20 to make up their contribution.

OXXO Care Cleaners, which boasts 45 franchises all exclusively using the GreenEarth Cleaning System, has been a GreenEarth member since 2001. CEO Salomon Mishaan said. “Also similar to GreenEarth, OXXO is very active in the local communities in which we operate to help promote sustainability, so our participation in the recent clothing drive was logical.”

Patricia Shaffer, owner of Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry in Tucson, Arizona, works with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona year-round already, so she didn’t even think twice about holding a clothes drive at her stores. “Every day is Earth Day when you recycle your clothing at any of our nine locations,” Shaffer said. “Good for the Earth and good for the kids—what could be better than that?”

Jim Gilligan of Snedicor’s Cleaners in Howell and Brighton, Michigan, supported the collective effort for the Earth Day Clothes Drive and LACASA. “Participating in the GreenEarth Cleaning 20th Anniversary Earth Day Clothes Drive and collecting clothing for LACASA clients merged beautifully with our core values of helping the less fortunate in our community and caring for planet Earth,” said Gilligan.