The Hohenstein Institute in Germany has developed a process audit to help commercial laundries, particularly those in the contract sector, improve the way they clean PPE hi-viz garments and clothing that protects against electro static discharge (ESD). The audit can be used on any clothing in these categories, regardless of manufacturer.

The audit for hi-viz garments uses a new test fabric that consists of standard commercial woven and knitted fabric in three fluorescent colours (yellow, orange-red and red). It also includes retro-reflective tape.
This test fabric is soiled with up to six stains containing dense oil and soot particles and is put through the customer’s cleaning process 25 times. The Hohenstein then carries out standard tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 20471.

For professional ESD clothing, a commercially available test overall goes through the customer’s cleaning process, again 25 times. The overall then undergoes standardised tests in accordance with DIN Norm 61340-5-1 and Hohenstein also examines the effectiveness of its protective function.

Commercial laundries that pass these tests receive a certificate confirming that their cleaning process is set up in such a way that the protective function and service life of the PPE or ESD clothing are preserved and extended.

If necessary, Hohenstein can advise on improving the processes used for these categories.

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