The Hohenstein Group in Bönnigheim has restructured its divisions with effect from 14 November this year. By restructuring divisions, the Hohenstein Group optimises the ranges of services available to customers from the textile industry and other branches.

“Our customers from industry and retail have considered us a reliable partner in the field of textiles and many other associated areas for years,” says owner Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecheels.

Services at Hohenstein range from functionalised textiles and life sciences and comparative product testing to quality verification and textile certification. The managing directors Dr. Stefan Droste, Florian Girmond, Dr. Timo Hammer, Prof. Dr. Dirk Höfer and the owner Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecheels are responsible for the various branches with immediate effect.

Dr. Christof Madinger was appointed as the COO for the testing and certification of clothing, home textiles, technical textiles and raw materials as well as the evaluation of production facilities and product quality during inspections.

Dr. Stefan Droste has assumed responsibility for the international subsidiaries of the Hohenstein Group alongside his duties as managing director. Thus, the company is accounting for the increasing importance of their global laboratory sites. To offer the same reliable “Hohenstein quality” to customers across the globe is the aim of this constant expansion.