As Southern California continues to struggle with extreme drought conditions, businesses that traditionally consume large amounts of water – like industrial laundry operations – have been forced to find ways to conserve, according to Xeros, the developer of polymer bead-based textile cleaning.

However, the problem isn't simply confined to that one corner of the globe, according to an article on the Xeros website.

In Europe, drought conditions in the higher latitudes have begun expanding into Central Europe, according to the Global Drought Information System.

India, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia are being ravaged by heat and drought, and in the USA, states from North Carolina to New England are also experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions as autumn begins with weather that is warmer and dryer than usual.

In the Xeros system, polymer beads replace water as the primary cleaning medium in the wash cycle. When the beads are introduced into a damp environment, they act like sponges, absorbing and trapping dirt and soils from the linens.

More details can be found on the Xeros website.