Huebsch Services, located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, makes ongoing efforts to update its processes to ensure satisfied customers. To this end, president and CEO Jim Vaudreuil visited Inwatec, the Danish-based company that develops machines for industrial laundries.

Huebsch Services already uses tracking in several ways, and for that reason, the implementation of an advanced chip reader-system is high on the priority list. In a new case-study on the Inwatec website,

Vaudreuil is interviewed during his visit to Inwatec in Odense to see the RFID system first-hand.

“I think the technology is accelerating and creating a lot of opportunities,” Jim Vaudreuil says.

“I see a lot of the problems that we face today can be solved with the technology that’s available: The UHF RF-chips are promising. I’m looking at one of the new mat rollers that we already have, and we’re going to be modifying it with UHF readers so that we can do additional sorting,”

“We track every garment as a unique asset,” he explains. “We use the chip to keep track of our inventory; we use it to ensure the quality that we’re promising. Is the customer getting exactly what they’re supposed to get, and when? And it helps us keep track of our costs.”