CONTROL: Clarus Vibe is the new touch screen controller for Electrolux Professional’s Line 6000 series



Electrolux Professional has placed the operator at the heart of its latest innovation in commercial washing machines: the Line 6000 series.

With the laundry industry still heavily reliant on human involvement in the loading and unloading of machines, minimising the long-term impact of this work on the human body was a major design factor to overcome for Electrolux. The resulting Line 6000 range of commercial washers is the only machine in its category that has been awarded the prestigious 4-start rating for ergonomics by Ergocert.

Key innovations that minimise tension and strain include a new mounting position for the dosing dispenser – which can be manually or automatically configured – to improve access and visibility, as well as an easy-to-open door and optimised drum height. All of these factors combine to deliver an evidence-based and third party-ratified reduction in the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

The Line 6000 series is available in six different drum volumes, ranging from 65l up to 300l, with a dry weight capacity of 7-33kg depending on the model. For laundries with a limited footprint, the WH6-6 washer can be stacked in series with the TD6-7 Line 6000 dryer to allow operators to wash and dry 60kg per day from just a 0.4m2 footprint.

As well as implementing ergonomic design best-practice, the Line 6000 washers also feature the new Clarus Vibe control, which improves user experience and streamlines programming. The 7” full HD colour interface provides a clear layout for users, without the need for scrolling; while dedicated programs can be customised by garment or cycle.

Real-time wash cycle information can be quickly accessed at the touch of a button, while Clarus Vibe also allows for easy automatic dosing (via the Intelligent Dosing program) by only releasing the correct amount of detergent based on the garment type and volume.

With an estimated 85% of a commercial washer’s Life Cycle cost comprising of utility and running costs, the Line 6000 has been designed to keep these to a minimum, while maximising sustainability. Its Automatic Savings program adjusts the volume of water used in line with the weight of the load, while Integrated Savings helps to avoid over- and underloading to maximise productivity. The built-in Power Balance extraction sequence translates into real-time unbalance monitoring and G-factor adjustment throughout the extraction sequence for efficient dewatering and low moisture retention.

Transparent insight into Life Cycle costs savings made possible by the Line 6000 washers can be remotely accessed via the Electrolux OnE digital platform. The data can be used to maximise revenue and accelerate ROI through the intelligent optimisation of the overall laundry process and reduction of inefficient cycle patterns and utility overuse.

Darren Lockley, head of region – UK & Ireland at Electrolux Professional, said: “The professional textile care industry – both in house and on the high street – is thriving. However, its undertaking can take a toll on the workforce given the intrinsically manual nature of loading and unloading machines. To help promote an easier, healthier and safer way of working, our new Line 6000 range of commercial washers has been created with the firm focus of ‘human centred design’.

“However, the ergonomic benefits of the Line 6000 range are underpinned by a host of intelligent monitoring and utility-saving programs, all of which combine to deliver long-term cost savings and outstanding productivity over the operational life of the unit.”

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DRUM VOLUMES: The Line 6000 series is available in six different drum volumes, ranging from 65l up to 300l, with a dry weight capacity of 7-33kg depending on the model