Xeros, the developer of polymer-bead based cleaning, has announced that six hotels and one commercial laundry have so far joined the Xeros Million Gallon Club, each saving more than one million gallons of water using Xeros’ laundry system.
The six hotels – the Hyatt Regency Reston, Hilton LA Universal City, North Shore Hotel, Stanford Park Hotel, Clarion Inn Providence-Seekonk and the Hampton Inn-Seekonk – are joined by the Manhattan-based e-Laundry in being named by Xeros as the first members of the club, that recognises each as an environmentally-conscious business committed to conserving water.
Joe Bazzinotti, GM and senior vice president, Xeros Global Commercial Laundry said: "We have many more hotels that will reach the one million gallon savings milestone and some that will hit the two million gallon saving milestone within the next six months."