Norway’s major laundry operator, Nor Tekstil has invested in an X-ray machine from the Danish company Inwatec. After a successful test period, Nor Tekstil made the decision to further invest in the technology.
Inwatec’s X-ray technology detects foreign elements in laundry articles before they can do damage in the washing process.
Rejected laundry items are automatically sorted out to a reject bin. The system is able to detect and accept buttons, zippers and RFID transponders, which ensures a low error rate.
Its customers number several major laundry groups in Europe and worldwide, including Berendsen, Nortekstil, CWS, DBL, DFD, Rentokil-Initial and Johnson Apparelmaster.
Nor Tekstil serves a significant share of Norwegian hotels, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as a large number of customers in the offshore industry and other firms in the industrial sector. "A large part of savings of the X-ray machines is because we don’t have to buy new fabrics to the same extent as we had to do before," says director Ove Belsvik. "On our machine in Drammen, the system has been working smoothly, and that’s why we are buying the second machine."