When Nickie Jenvey decided to promote the specialist services of her successful wedding dress cleaning service, she took to her wheels! Her beloved Mini has been transformed to assist with the ongoing promotion of the unique services that her company Boxed Bridal can offer.

Boxed Bridal is part of Pressing Needs, the Southampton, Hampshire-based fabric care specialists for cleaning of clothing, household furnishings, bedding including duvets and sailing gear.

The attractive branding on her Mini car was developed in conjunction with the local specialist creative skills of Artistic Licence, based in Burridge.

“I am like a child with a new toy and want the whole world to see my little car all branded up telling everyone about our wedding dress cleaning service,” said Nickie Jenvey, director of Pressing Needs

After twenty eight years spent building the successful Pressing Needs business, she set up Boxed Bridal some six years ago. A dedicated bridal studio operates within the main Pressing Needs processing site, based at Park Gate. All the cleaning is done at the main site using three cleaning processes and after the final pressing is complete, there is an opportunity for the bride to return to the studio and watch her dress being carefully folded into one of the Boxed Bridal exclusive design preservation boxes.

“Wedding dress cleaning is very challenging but can also very rewarding,” she added.