The Jensen Group supplies equipment and systems for the global heavy-duty laundry sector. Its extensive range comprises Futurail customised laundry handling solutions and logistics systems; Senking washroom systems with tunnel washers, centrifugal extractors, presses and dryers; L-Tron/D’Hooge washer-extractors and dryer systems, Jensen flatwork and garment finishing systems and Metricon garment handling and sorting systems.

Futurail’s successful Trans-Sort System, described as a revolutionary system, incorporates a Futurail belt conveyor for linen transfer. Futurail’s latest software, including a more powerful generation of Call-off Program, will be on show. .Jensen will demonstrate the successful Senking Universal Continuous Batch Washer with no water recovery tanks. This incorporates the latest PLC-control system with touch-screens. Another innovation – and already in operation in the USA – is the HIBIS (History Batch Information System). Jensen’s Butterfly Ventus towel finisher is also on show, as is a range of Metricon garment handling equipment.