The Jensen Group and MIURA have agreed to a joint-venture that will make the JensenGroup a key partner for MIURA’s wholly owned subsidiary Inax, one of the main manufacturing and distribution companies for heavy-duty laundry equipment in Japan.

Preceded only by the USA and Germany, Japan is the third-largest economy in the market. Its laundry industry is characterised by high-tech solutions, highly automated processes, and the need for hygienic solutions. According to Jensen Group CEO Jesper Munch-Jensen: “With this joint venture, we are boosting our market presence in Japan. When combining JENSEN technology with the technology and distribution that our partner brings, the opportunities are there to answer to the demands of the Japanese heavy-duty laundry market, confirming the megatrends: more travelling, ageing population, more tourism.

“We started our Go East strategy a long time ago. This joint venture is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication. I have always wanted to be a market leader in Japan, which is one of the largest and most automated heavy-duty laundries markets in the world”, confirmed Jesper Jensen.

The agreements were signed on 9 March.

“With this direct access to the Japanese market, we have laid a strong foundation for the future of the Jensen Group,” said Jensen.