What began as a small company in a wooden barracks in Vlotho in 1948 is now a global partner for the future of the laundry industry. The family-run company, whose mission is to develop innovative solutions for automation, robotisation, ergonomics, productivity and sustainability, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.

Since its founding, the company has undergone an impressive evolution. "Over the past 75 years, we have grown from a small company to a global player that can offer solutions and products worldwide," said Tina Kannegiesser, chair of Kannegiesser’s executive board. "Our international presence with 54 sales companies enables us to serve our customers worldwide and offer them the best possible solutions for their needs." The company has specialised in manufacturing laundry technology from the beginning and has expanded its product portfolio over the years.

"Our company has been central as a total laundry equipment supplier since 1998," explained Tina Kannegiesser. "We have always faced new challenges and emerged stronger from crises."

Martin Kannegiesser took over the company in the 1970s and played a key role in shaping it. "My father made the company what it is today" said Tina Kannegiesser. "His commitment and vision have made us the global market leader."

The company has already mastered several crises since its foundation. Recent developments in the global economy, with the consequences on markets and supply chains, are also a major challenge for the company.

"Through our trusting cooperation with employees, customers and partners, we have also mastered this crisis," said Tina Kannegiesser.

"We see ourselves as a company with a social responsibility. That's why the issue of sustainability is a significant part of our corporate philosophy."

The company's technologies enable sustainable textile services and thus help to protect the environment.

Tina Kannegiesser has been chair of the management board since 2021 and is supported by the three other managing directors – Otto Burger, Thomas Doppmeier and Engelbert Heinz. She has big plans for the future of the company, saying: "We want to continue to develop innovative solutions and support our customers worldwide. We will continue to do our part to strengthen the industry and help shape its future.

“Our production and development sites in Europe and North America, as well as our service division, employ a total of 2000 people. 

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary, the management would like to thank all employees and customers: "Without their hard work, commitment and loyalty, our success would not have been possible. We are very grateful and will continue to work hard to provide our customers and employees with the best possible solutions and working conditions. We look forward to a future together,” said Tina Kannegiesser."