Kona Cleaners claims to have been the best drycleaner in Costa Mesa, southern Cailfornia,  since its doors first opened in 1950. Today, as the company celebrates its 70th anniversary, Bobby Patel, pictured, who has owned the business since 1995 and is responsible for the brand’s expansion from one to 17 locations across Orange County and the inland empire says the credit for the longevity and prosperity of Kona Cleaners belongs to many.

Patel, a well-known figure in the national drycleaning industry, said: “Through hard work, dedication, and consistency, it became known as a dry cleaner of repute. In turn, this built up a loyal customer base and established a brand trust the company enjoys to this day.”

 “I entered the picture when my family bought Kona Cleaners in 1995, after I graduated from California State University in Long Beach. My main philosophy as owner was to ensure every element of the Kona Cleaners experience was 100% customer focusedmeaning I insisted (and still insist) on putting myself in the shoes of the customer in every conceivable situation. We went all out for every client, as we do to this day, every time they walk through the door or use our pick up and delivery service. That’s a key ingredient in the continued success of Kona Cleaners.”

Patel explained “Thanks to my engineering education, I was able to invest and reinvest in the most cutting-edge drycleaning technology, to improve our processes and to provide a better customer experience. I truly believe we have the best drycleaning tech in existence.” As a result, we now claim 17 Kona locations all over SoCal and plan to continue expandingwithout sacrificing service, of course.”

“Another ingredient in our 70 years of prosperity is our customers themselves. To call them loyal is a severe understatement. Through thick and thin, through feast and famine, through times of peace and times of struggle, even during this pandemic, they have lifted us up and supported us without fail. Without our amazing customers, there is no Kona Cleaners,” he said. “I’d like to thank every passionate, hard working member of the Kona Cleaners team, and each and every person who has ever used our drycleaning services. Thank you.”