In response to industry concerns, the Hohenstein Institute in Germany recently held a workshop on the subject of producing and laundering high visibility clothing to EN47 standards.

The Institute tested a selection of garments produced with a range of fabrics from different European manufacturers, in their original condition and after several cycles of washing and wearing. Lauffenmühle’s Warntec 270 fabric is reported to have outperformed its competition.

The fabric is said to have proved its ability, ahead of two competing fabrics, to retain its EN471 colour performance after exposure to Xenon and after washing and wearing. Luminence tests indicated that all three fabrics performed to similar standards as new and after use.

High visibility garments made from Warntec by Lauffenmuhle are said to have the highest standard of durability after repeated use and laundering.

The members of the workshop included the following companies: Ahrens, Bardusch, Bilger, Boco, Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat, Fachausschuß PS, Fatex, Gore, Henkel, Klopman, Marquart & Schulz, Mewa and Lauffenmühle.