Clothes Doctor and Flair Atelier have announced a collaborative partnership, to make beautifully fitting bespoke dresses, with zero production waste. The two companies will work together to bridge the gap between ready-to-wear and tailormade fashion, with beautiful dresses made on-demand. 

Flair Atelier is a London-based company offers clients the chance to create a dress of their own design, choosing from over 2,000 possible combinations. Once the design is chosen, the fabric is hand cut and sewn, following a sustainable production process and delivered to the client’s doorstep in two weeks. 

Clothes Doctor is the UK’s first online seamstress, providing an award-winning repairs, personal tailoring and customisation service, all through their convenient online portal. Clothes Doctor is also committed to a more sustainable approach to fashion. By helping their clients wear and treasure their clothes for longer, they contribute to a significant reduction in their clients’ carbon, waste and water footprint. Orders are collected and returned in sustainable packaging. 

Lulu O’Connor, CEO & founder of Clothes Doctor said: “We see a significant alignment between our two companies in the pursuit of a modern, technologically-driven, eco-friendly solution within a traditional industry. We look forward to supporting Flair Atelier’s growth through this collaborative partnership.”