This year the Livery celebrates the 10th anniversary of the exchange of Articles of Association with the Royal Logistic Corps laundry division in Grantham. To mark the occasion, several military guests attended the dinner including the current Commander RLC at Grantham, Col Mark Underhill, and several of his predecessors.

Woolfenden said soldiers in the various war zones fully appreciate the work done by the RLC laundry division to ensure that they have their kit washed and that showers are available.

He said that without the initial involvement of Past Masters Richard Orford and Melvyn Rogers, the Livery’s military liaison officer, the link with the RLC would not have been made.

The toast to the Worshipful Company was given by the Lord Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight Major General Martin White, who explained the work of the Royal Logistic Corps Territorial Army and the celebration of its 100th year since the formation of the TA.