On-demand laundry service Laundrapp has unearthed some disturbing results to research it commissioned from YouGov that suggests Brits have turned into a nation of stinky lockdown slobs. You might want to hold your nose as you read this.

The YouGov poll of more than 2,000 UK adults reveals the majority of UK adults have let personal grooming slip during lockdown, the survey reveals

The results showed:

·       Daily showers ditched by 16%

·       6% aren’t changing underwear regularly!

·       Nearly one in 10 (9%) haven’t brushed their teeth everyday

·       More than one third (37%) have gained weight

Of the 2,098 people polled by YouGov, 58% admitted letting standards slip since going into lockdown.

When asked what they’d ‘let slip’ since lockdown, people confessed to: not showering daily (16%), not using deodorant daily (11%), leaving hair unwashed (18%), not brushing their teeth daily (9%) and not regulalrl changing underwear, 6%.

Nearly one third of men (32%) experimented with lockdown beards and nearly one in five (19%) of women shaved their body hair less, experimenting with au naturel legs, arm pits and bikini lines.

Nearly four out of every 10 people (37%) confessed to putting on weight, which may explain why nearly a third of UK adults (32%) said they’d been wearing leisurewear more often throughout the day (40% of women and 25% of men).

When it comes to hair and beauty, one in three women have let their routines slip, with 31% not applying beauty products, 33% not styling their hair and 30% ‘showing their roots’.

Married people tended to be more attentive to their grooming than those who had never married.

·       24% of those never married vs 12% of married people have stopped showering daily

·       10% of those never married vs 4% of married people have stopped changing underwear regularly

·       14% of those never married singles vs 6% of married people have stopped brushing their teeth daily

Some already realise their days of letting grooming habits slip are numbered and are considering drycleaning/laundering their work clothes (9%), getting a haircut, re-styling and/or dying hair (21%), or starting a new diet 9%.

Angela Freeth, of Laundrapp, said: “Embracing our inner ‘Lockdown Slob’ has been a coping mechanism. As a return to the workplace beckons, people must choose which lockdown grooming freedoms they want to keep and which ones they’ll need to ditch. Making sure your outfits are clean and fresh will help put an extra spring in your step.

“While we can’t help people brush their teeth every day, we can help ensure that they have clean underwear.”

Illustration courtesy of NINA COSFORD @ninacosford