The self-styled ‘laundry nerds’ at Inwatec, inventors and manufacturers of state-of-the-art laundry technology, including robotics and advanced automation, have just completed the first installation of the company’s THOR.Towel system in France. The THOR.Towel feeder automatically prepares single towels, enabling operators to achieve better and faster feeding processes of towels to folding systems.

The feeder delivers the towels to an easily reachable position for the operator, therefore also ergonomically improving the manual towel feeding process. Ultimately, with the help of THOR.Towel laundries are able to achieve a higher folding machine throughput, without having to upscale the workforce. 

“At Inwatec we strongly believe that this system will provide a better working environment and help laundries to become more efficient,” said a spokesperson for the company.

At the same time, Inwatec’s soiled sorting solutions are currently the star at Bardusch AG in Basel. According to Inwatec, the installation amazes visitors as they previously couldn't have imagined the amount of waste as well as valuable objects detected in the dirty laundry.

The detection and removal of (potentially) harmful foreign objects strongly contributes to extending the life of textiles and therefore making the laundry cycle a more sustainable one, marking this as a significant step towards process optimisation and sustainability. 

“Bardusch's customers benefit not only from this, but also from improved delivery capabilities. With the help of Inwatec’s system fewer parts have to receive post-treatment, therefore relieving quality control. Our automated soiled sorting systems are true allrounders striving to improve every possible process of industrial laundries,” said Inwatec.