WASHROOM PROVIDER: The Metro Detroit Area Hospital Services laundry will include 16 Lavatec natural gas dryers when operations begin later this year



Lavatec has set major washroom equipment for the new Metro Detroit Area Hospital Services laundry. The state-of-the-art laundry is expected to be operational in spring of 2020. Lavatec was selected as the washroom provider.

The 12-compartment, 220-pound tunnels, paired with Lavatec’s latest Lavaspeed presses, will feed 16 Lavatec TT745G natural gas dryers. The dryers will be loaded by an overhead monorail system onto eight conveyers that can send wet goods in either direction for loading to the next available dryer.

Lavatec dryers use infrared technology to more efficiently determine when the linen is dry, resulting in lower dryer times and reduced energy consumption. The dryers will be unloaded by conveyors that will transfer the loads to a monorail system for transport to the finishing side of the plant.