Linen Connect has stepped in to help in the supply of face masks by setting up a supply chain sourcing product to World Health Organization specifications.

The company recognises that laundry forms an essential part of the UK business supply chain – being integral to industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality. As governments move to ease lockdowns and re-open the economy, the health and safety of our employees will be paramount.

Alongside social distancing, hand hygiene and other preventative measures, facemasks are likely to become more widespread in their adoption across businesses; particularly those such as laundries, manufacturing and logistics. 

Linen Connect is working with some of the world’s top manufacturers and are able to source high quality KN95 and disposable protective masks. The masks meet the recommendations set-out by WHO and other bodies for protection against bacteria and viruses.

Through its international supply chain, Linen Connect is able to supply three categories of product.

KN95: The company’s KN95 masks are CE/FDA approved, and comply with the stringent GB2626-2006 standards for respiratory protection. Five layers of high quality material, and currently in use in businesses and healthcare settings around the world.

Disposable masks: Linen Connect disposable masks are CE/FDA approved, and comply with the stringent EN 16483 standard.

Re-usable (washable) masks: Linen Connect is working with a number of manufacturers in the United Kingdom producing re-usable masks. 

“Whether you need a few masks for your business, or millions of units for multinational organisations- we are able to adapt our supply chain and logistics partnerships to create a PPE supply solution that is robust, and suited to your needs,” says Linen Connect.

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