A low cost perc blanket and wall dispenser, from Clean Chemicals of Romsey, is now available to drycleaners.

The blanket measures 1000 mm x 1400 mm and is made of high absorbency quilted material. The canvas dispenser is in high visibility orange with colourful graphics and is designed for wall hanging adjacent to the drycleaning machine.

Mike Beverley, Clean Chemicals director, says: “Often a solvent spillage from a door seal is mopped up with the nearest armful of garments. You can bet your life too that the garments will always contain a £3000 Gianni Versace blouse. It is therefore much better to have a purpose-designed absorbent blanket close at hand.” Mr Beverley continues: “The blanket is supplied with a dispenser and is easily removed for instant use. It should be a part of every shop’s safety policy to have one hanging on the wall.”