Maxi-Press managing director Tim Zaiser said that Talley had been chosen for its commitment to providing a dedicated team of knowledgeable sales representatives and because it has a track record of expert service to the laundry industry that goes back for more than a century.

“At a time when the laundry industry is struggling, we feel it’s especially important to work with companies like Talley that have proved their ability to thrive in any economic conditions,” says Zaiser.

Maxi-Press membranes are manufactured from natural rubber using a proprietary process that provides both the durability to withstand high volume laundry operations and the elasticity needed ensure the membranes return to shape after each cycle. The membranes will withstand both high pressures and high temperatures. They have a ribbed surface that prevents the linen cake from sticking inside and the clear, white colour avoids the risk of dark marks on the linen.