Metalprogetti designs and manufactures both manual and fully automated conveyor systems that assemble, sort, dispense, organise and manage garment processing operations. Visitors to Clean 17 will be able to view a large range of equipment and discuss the benefits that a Metalprogetti system can bring to their business.

On display on Stand 1731 will be the Battista 24/7, a 24hour drop off and collection system for drycleaners. The system can be fitted to the outside of businesses and offers a secure and reliable service to customers, whatever the time or day.

Also on show is Metalprogetti’s Assembly Conveyor. This intelligent system, which has been completely re-engineered with new operational features and mechanical advantages, can track all garments on the conveyor and will assemble individual orders when all garments have been finished. The system automatically extracts them to an Automated Bagger that groups and bags customers’ orders ready for collection or delivery.

Metalprogetti’s Smart Locker Box has been developed from the B2K smart locker, a space-saving system for cloakrooms. The Smart Locker Box is a mobile system that can be located in a variety of venues, including apartments and offices that allow customers to drop off their drycleaning in the Smart Locker by using the pre-paid system and collect it once the garments have been cleaned.

The B2K Uniform System is the automated uniform management system for the automatic storage, conveying and distribution of work uniforms, garments, overalls, white coats and scrubs.