Miele Professional has developed an app for laundries in shared dwellings or student accommodation which makes it extremely easy for users to plan, book and pay for laundry time while cutting time administering the service for operators.

Aidan Carey, business development manager for the professional division of Miele, Ireland, explained the thinking behind the move.Digital transformation is happening in every industry and laundry is no exception. Where before, commercial laundries in busy shared dwellings or student accommodation involved a high level of management and admin, the appWash technology app, created by Miele Operations and Payment Solutions, allows users to manage their laundry anywhere, at any time, from one single source.

“The app operates through two comprehensive service concepts – appWash Pay takes care of the billing of all payments to and from the laundry room, while appWash Relax provides an all-round service, from procurement of the machines and technical maintenance to complete outsourcing.

All the benefits at no extra cost
At a time when many businesses are looking to cut costs, investing in a digitalised laundry system is probably not at the top of the agenda for most facilities managers. However, the benefits are valuable and could end up cutting costs to laundry operations in the long run, making huge time savings and increasing customer satisfaction. appWash by Miele is free to download on iOS and Android operating systems and provides users with all of these benefits at no cost to their bottom line.

Simple and easy to use
By eliminating cash payments and moving to online, operators have access to digital invoices that can be entered directly into their accounting system, freeing up staff that would normally be handling financial admin to take on other tasks. This easy to use, digitalised laundry system means that operators can access an overview of their laundry room anytime and anywhere, perfect for managers that move across multiple properties a day. appWash logs all activity and payment processing for comprehensive analysis and tracking, meaning operators know exactly who is using their laundry and when.

Customer friendly
Tenants using communal laundries can be put off by complicated booking systems, which is why appWash allows users to book their timeslots quickly and easily through their mobile device. Once they have registered and downloaded the app ‘appWash by Miele’, tenants can use their smart devices to access their accounts, book slots and make payments from any location, allowing them to make a cashless payment without having to find small change, something that has become more important since the Covid-19 pandemic changed customer preference to contactless for almost all transactions. Once their laundry has finished, they receive a ‘your laundry is ready’ message.