Miele Professional has announced the launch of Miele MOVE, an integrated platform solution designed to bring efficiencies to the commercial laundry processes of its customers. “Its intuitive design simplifies everyday work for all those involved in the chain of laundry management, from managers and users through to service personnel. This includes supporting maximum machine use and the reporting of faults, increasing profitability and efficiency at all of a business’ laundry locations,” said Miele Professional.

Thanks to intelligent monitoring and assistance tools, users are able to access machine data at any time though any internet-enabled device. This provides information such as when a machine is available and when a machine encounters errors, minimising downtime. Process data from programmes is also saved to allow performance to be reviewed and to assist with hygiene compliance.

Complementary to data capture, users can take advantage of the visualisation capabilities within Miele MOVE which can be viewed by staff at the touch of a button. Dashboards and widgets can be customised to ensure the relevant information is communicated. This personalisation extends to other features within the platform such as machine and location labelling and notifications. The solution currently offers both freemium and premium subscription options, enabling clients to unlock different features gradually.

To optimise workflow and improve process security, Miele MOVE automatically informs users when a fault occurs. This can be then forwarded to authorised service technicians who will be able to act on issues faster, resulting in minimal downtime and preventing unnecessary costs.

As the platform is connected to Miele and its network of service partners, technicians can browse relevant machine information (e.g., required spare parts) immediately, reducing the need for repeat trips, saving both time and effort.

Simon Venni, head of sales at Miele Professional GB, commented: “Miele MOVE has been designed to make the lives of our customers easier by streamlining processes and increasing overall visibility of laundry management, leading to energy saving, cost cutting, and reduced environmental impact.

“Whilst we know that cost and time savings are extremely important, we also wanted the platform to be flexible to support a business’ and users unique requirements. Going forwards, we will be continuously enhancing the technology through the addition of client-specific features to support friction-free laundry management.”

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