CLEAN 2017

Milnor hit the sustainability button square in the centre with the launch of the PurePulse water recovery treatment system at Clean 2017 this week. The 18-membrane PurePulse system combines high flux efficiency and superior filtration performance to help commercial and on-premise laundries achieve significant water and energy cost reductions.

Visitors to the Milnor stand saw the 8-module 76039 PBW tunnel system (with an MP1650 single-stage press and 6458TG pass-through dryer). In addition to the PulseFlow technology tunnel, Milnor introduced several new models at the show, including the MWF100J7 220lb (100kg) capacity suspended model and rigid-mount MWT series and Premier series dryers.

Milnor also displayed its M-Series large, open-pocket washer-extractors, which are available for automated, semi-automated and manual operation facilities. Laundries of all sizes will benefit from these additions to Milnor's product offering, says Thierry Lambermont, managing director of the company.