The International Oeko-Tex Association has unveiled its new brand strategy. With the focus on the umbrella Oeko-Tex logo and the marketing slogan "Confidence in Textiles", the objective is to strengthen Oeko-Tex as a full-service provider for independent certifications and services for greater sustainability along the textile value-creation chain.
The current Oeko-Tex portfolio consists of five certifications and services for manufacturers, brands and retailers along the textile supply chain.
Oeko-Tex has already presented the brand design during the market launch of the MySTeP database, the Made In Green product label and the Eco Passport certification for textile chemicals. From this autumn, the modernised appearance will be used with the Standard 100 and the STeP certification. This new Standard 100 product label and the updated STeP logo will also be available to more than 10,000 partner companies around the world.
As part of these changes, the present Oeko-Tex certification centre in Frankfurt (Main) will cease operations on 30 June 2016.