Dear Sir As detergent manufacturers with several products approved by the German Federal Health Authority via the Robert Koch Institute we wish to expand on Richard Neale’s recent article regarding disinfection detergents. (LCN August 99) Products with T.A.E.D. included within their formulations are currently only available in powder form and require an appropriate feed-system to inject the product into either a continuous batch washer or washer-extractor, hand feed also being an option.

The reason being that this component activates rapidly when in contact with water and is therefore unsuitable for make up into stock solution but is highly effective as a “one shot”product for washing and disinfecting.

Alternative, approved, fully-built disinfection detergents are also available in either liquid or powder form and are designed as “two shot” products, some powders may even be made up into stock solution.

Both methods can provide chemo-thermal disinfection at substantially lower temperatures than currently recognised within the UK.