On the occasion of ‘International Day of Charity’ being celebrated annually on 5 September, Carrington Textiles International (CTi), the joint venture between international fabric manufacturers Carrington Textiles and Sapphire Textiles Mills, announced the donation of £10,000 to support female education in Pakistan.

The Citizens Foundation (UK) is set to receive the funds on behalf of TCF Primrose Hill Campus, a site that provides young girls in the Nowshera area with critical and high quality educational and life skills.

A total of 128 girls across grades 6-10 and over a dozen of support staff rely on the operations of the campus located in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where young females experience many barriers to education, low availability of schools and cultural difficulties.

Duco van der Lugt, CTi director, said: “With this new joint venture in Pakistan and our solid drive towards CSR, we felt the need to support the local community and enable access to education for some of Pakistan’s most disadvantage children.”

Meanwhile, Nabeel Abdullah, Sapphire’s COO commented: “Part of our vision in CTi is to enrich the lives of our local community, and this donation for girls’ education is a step towards doing just that.”

The Citizens Foundation (UK) CEO, Sania Sufi, added: “COVID-19 has deepened the already severe learning crisis in Pakistan. Nearly 1 million children are expected to drop out and girls are particularly at risk. We are therefore deeply grateful to Carrington Textiles International for their generosity and support at this difficult time. With their help, we will be able to empower our female teachers – many of whom have become the sole income earners in their families – and enable young girls to return to school and receive the quality education they rightfully deserve.”

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