There are some good news stories despite the current challenges and one such is that of Bubbly Bubbles launderette in Peacehaven, East Sussex which has just taken delivery of a new JLA-badged Ipso 40 lb/18kg washer extractor as owner Shane Haworth invests in upping the capacity of the business.

Haworth originally bought the site, which had housed a launderette on it for many years, to redevelop into a block of five flats but such was the outcry at the loss of a much-valued local resource, he bowed to the pressure and included a new one in his plans and, bucking the trend at the time, opened during Covid in 2020.

He fitted out the launderette with Ipso washers – eight ILC 98 9.5kg models and one 40lb/18kg capacity along with eight JLA-badged D330 dryers and plans more expansion this year by adding another large washer to the line-up in the summer and is eyeing the addition of two more dryers by the winter. Also recently installed is a note-to-coin changer.

Haworth said: “Since we opened during Covid, we have actually done better than expected.” The cost of energy, he admitted, is a worry but by careful housekeeping he is keeping on top of things and says having a long contract with his energy supplier has helped keep things sensible. As does living above the shop and owning the building so there is no rent to be paid for the business space. Having the expertise to install the new machine himself also helps to keep costs down for Haworth and his customers.