Procter and Gamble Professional has launched a range of dosing systems aimed at the OPL market.

The range is designed around P&G’s established products – Professional Ariel, Professional Daz and Professional Lenor plus Professional ACE bleaches.

The systems are aimed to make dosing more accurate and more cost effective by supplying measured amounts and with the ability to suit doses to the load.

The Professional Ariel, four product liquid feed autodoser is intended for the removal of persistent stains as well as producing excellent general cleaning. It has 10 different settings supplies four different products Professional Ariel detergent, Professional Lenor softener, Professional Ace B Oxygen bleach and Professional Ace bleach activator. All products for this system are supplied in 20 litre packs.

The Professional Daz two product liquid feed system is particularly suited to whites, and supplies Professional Daz detergent and either Professional Lenor softener or Professional Ace C hypochlorite bleach. Again there are to different settings to suit different load capacities.

Detergent and softener are supplied in 5-litre packs and the bleach in a 4-litre pack.

In addition P&G supplies a manual four product, powder based system which dispenses Professional Ariel, Professional Lenor plus Professional Ace B and Professional Ace C bleaches.