Poseidon Textile Care Systems has introduced a range of Poseidon dryers to complement its existing high-performance Poseidon wetcleaning machines and flatwork ironers.
The Poseidon Dryer – available in four sizes (between 9.2 and 23.3 cubic ft capacities) – is available in electric, natural gas and steam versions. Features include programmable drum rotation, moisture sensing, timed reversing and automatic cool-down
A wide array of items and fabrics can be safely wetcleaned and fully dried, including dress shirts, wedding dresses, tailored suits, sweaters, skirts, silks, knits, wool, cotton, Gortex, polyester, linen, cashmere and camel hair, said co-owner Jeff Quail, Poseidon Textile Care Systems. Smart construction keeps heat inside the dryer to ensure a cool work environment, shorter dry times and lower energy bills. "All items move straight from dryer to finisher without any air drying." said Quail.
Moisture sensors automatically advance the dryer to the next step, he said. "Once a pre-set moisture level is met, the Poseidon Dryer enters cool-down." Oven temperature, drum temperature, drum speed, reversing on/off sequence, and moisture levels are all set up based on the characteristics of the textiles being processed.
The dryer’s Inteli Control simplifies programming and operation and allows activation of the Pro mode or Easy Use mode. A system of icons is easy to follow and the display illuminates cycle status, temperature and time remaining. There are 10 pre-set programs and 40 customizable programs. The Inteli also offers pre-set timed programs for regular drying.