Maxi-Press has introduced the Easyfix drainage membrane with an integrated fixing ring which the company claims offers an exceptionally quick install combined with a long life in service.

"It usually takes about six hours to install a conventional membrane for a water extraction press," said Erik-Jan van Bodegom, the Maxi-Press dealer responsible for the Netherlands and Belgium. "EASYFIX membranes, however, already have the fixing ring that would otherwise be required to be built in. Our customers tell us that they save an entire work step and can complete the installation in around two hours. That leaves more time for other tasks.”

The membranes are mounted directly to the press plate of the water extraction press, and not as usual first to the fixing ring and then to the press plate. The use of expensive, separate fixing rings and also the renewal of disused fixing rings is therefore no longer necessary. "Our customers particularly appreciate the high-quality material and the long service life. In one of the largest laundries in the Netherlands an Easyfix MP-K-5.0 for Kannegiesser PP 13 press has been running for 60,000 pressing cycles and has no significant traces of consumption. With conventional membranes, the end is reached after 20,000 cycles," explained  van Bodegom.

Easyfix membranes with integrated fixing ring are available for the Kannegiesser PP 10 and PP 13 water extraction presses, Jensen SEP 36 – SEP 90 MD/HD, Lavatec LP 571 – LP 591, Girbau SPR 50 and now also for Passat EP 841-9XX presses