A new range of 6 kg washers and dryers from Swiss manufacturer Schulthess is now available in the UK and Ireland from Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems.

Offered is a huge choice of wash cycles, ranging from the most sophisticated “hand wash” program to medical cycles complying with HSG(95)18.

Other washer features include variable spin speeds between 400 rpm and 1400 rpm, express program for minimum cycle times, and the best possible use of resources—every Schulthess washer uses only the precise amount of water needed to wash that particular load.

A 6 kg dryer may be stacked above a washer, and control is carried out by means of precise sensor technology giving excellent drying results and reducing the already low energy requirements to an absolute minimum for each load. The washers and dryers are exceptionally quiet in use, important if the laundry is located next to residents’ accommodation.