The latest generation of drycleaning machines are suitable for hydrocarbon-based solvents, silicone solvents, GreenEarth and other alternative solvents. The machines have been designed so that operators can tailor the wash cycles to their specific requirements. Cycle times are reduced, leading to greater produductivity and significant savings in energy, solvent and water.

The machines are available in capacities of 33lb to 176lb (15-80kg), and include hard mount rigid drum types, soft mounted with suspended drum, modular and twin versions. Renzacci hydrocarbon machines meet the stringent requirements now demanded in the global drycleaning industry, including MEA-approved (New York City), ARL (USA) and TUV (Germany). Developments in perc machines are not forgotten, and visitors will be shown the latest range of machines using the advanced managing system with interactive guide.

Also on show is the HS laundry range covering capacities from 11kg to 55kg (25-121lb), while Renzacci’s Puraclean for the wetcleaning sector allows washing and drying in one machine, an attractive feature for laundry operators.