Market leader in the field of packaging systems hawo, based in Germany, has been placing a special focus on sustainability in the development of its products for many years and now has a plastic-free, home compostable garment wrap system ready to roll out to cleaners.

Hawo managing director Christian Wolf, committed to reducing the use of plastics, said: "Responsibility is one of our natural resources. This also includes the conscious use of valuable raw materials. At hawo, we try to implement this in our daily activities, both in our own company and in the development of our products". The result is an innovative, holistic concept for textile packaging: the new ORGANIXtex system.

The most important component of this new system is the sustainable Organixtex packaging material. Like traditional plastic covers, it reliably protects the cleaned clothing from all kinds of wind and weather and also to a certain extent from germs, especially during the current pandemic. With the new Organixtex packaging material by hawo, consumers now have an easy way to make a conscious decision to use less plastic in their everyday lives.

The new packaging material is made from plasticiser-free, thermoplastic BIO granules and is therefore 100% plastic-free. Neither forests are cleared nor monocultures cultivated for its production. Only natural raw materials are used that are left as a waste product elsewhere, making Organixtex 100% home compostable. Energy from fossil fuels is completely avoided and the production is almost exclusively done with solar energy (additionally required electricity is 100% ecological). This means that the production of Organixtex is CO2 neutral.

The Organixtex system is completed by the ORGANIX 630 KST sealing device adapted to the new material. With this stand-alone unit, the length of the packaging can be adapted exactly to the garment to be packaged. Packaging that is too long or too short is therefore a thing of the past – another important contribution to the conscious use of packaging in the textile industry. In addition, the Organixtex packaging material is compatible with many fully and semi-automatic packaging machines of leading manufacturers.

The concept was nominated for the German Innovation Award 2021 only two months after its market launch. The German Innovation Award honors cross-industry products and solutions that stand out above all for their user-centeredness and added value compared to previous solutions. The fact that hawo is not only consistently pursuing its sustainability philosophy with this concept, but has also launched another innovative product on the market, is something that makes Wolf particularly proud: "The nomination of ORGANIXtex for the German Innovation Award 2021 is a very positive surprise for us, because we launched the product only in November of last year. This proves to us that we are on the right track with our principle of combining sustainability and innovation."

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