Rinnai is offering all commercial laundries free surveys, reports and system drawings on continuous flow, precise temperature – from low temp to thermal disinfection level – hot water delivery systems that have the capability of yielding up to 30% savings on fuel and lifetime costs.

The free survey and report from Rinnai, a global leader in continuous flow hot water heating units, is aimed at reducing fuel bills and maximising a site’s temperature controlled hot water. The free survey involves minimum time and fuss and comes complete with a full report.

The Rinnai range of continuous flow gas fired water heaters has been engineered specifically to guarantee the highest efficiencies and the lowest running costs of any commercial water heating system.

Old-style stored hot water systems are not designed to cope with modern hot water demand, as the recovery times are often longer than the period of use. Getting rid of a wasteful and costly hot water storage system can make a significant impact to running costs, when replaced with a technologically advanced continuous flow gas fired water heating unit.

Rinnai has individual units capable of delivering nearly 1,000 litres of precise temperature controlled hot water per hour. The units can be manifolded to an unlimited number so that the amount of hot water is virtually limitless – and it is all ‘on demand’.

“Quite simply, you can just pay for the fuel you use with a continuous flow unit. With stored systems it costs to heat and maintain the high temperature of the water for when someone uses it…rather like keeping a car engine running for when you decide to drive,” said Chris Goggin for Rinnai.

Rinnai is the world’s leading manufacturer of continuous flow hot water systems manufacturing and selling 2 million units each year. The range of units can be manifolded to supply limitless hot water to any site of any size. This means fast, efficient, temperature-controlled water on demand at the point of delivery. It also means far less space spent on plant rooms and no, or very little, maintenance as all units are proven to be robust with a long, long working life, said Rinnai.

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