Rinnai continues its mission to supply its full range of continuous flow hot water heating units and systems for all sectors and to offer full support service 24/7 to all essential works and key sectors.

Now available from Rinnai are restart spares kits for all those sites coming out of lockdown. The kits allow gas engineers to have the spares readily available for when they restart systems after this long lockdown.

Many sites and engineers may not know or have information on exactly how systems were shut down pre-lockdown. The Restart kits allow sites and engineers to identify and rectify a fault without the need of multiple visits, ensuring a one-trip, first time fix.

According to Rinnai’s Pete Seddon: “It is best practise to have spares and not need them than to need spares and not have them. A Restart Kit means no loss of use in delivering on-demand, temperature controlled and limitless hot water.”

The Restart Kit comprises essential maintenance spares including a service kit so that the servicing can be completed prior to full operation.

“I would also suggest that all installers, contractors and sites make extensive use of the digital technology and extended services we have made available to support the end user in these times of social distancing.

“These include our online touch points, Ask Me a Question and “Help me Choose which are in operation constantly and we aim to reply as soon as possible. These digital services are combined with the additional “essential services” which are listed below.”

“It is also important for the installer and end user to understand that continuous flow can readily and quickly replace any other form of hot water delivery that fails or cannot cope with demand. A site does not need to do what they believe is a ‘like-for-like’ replacement – essential services sites simply need uninterrupted and reliable flows of hot water to maintain hygiene standards,” added Seddon.

Rinnai guarantees limitless hot water supplies to any site – for as long as there is a constant supply of gas and water. Rinnai continuous flow units are guaranteed to supply temperature controlled and useable hot water in unlimited quantities for all hygiene regimes in any and all types of sites in all sectors of commerce, institutions, healthcare, foodservice, transport and industry and essential services.

Continuous flow hot water delivery units and systems are the preferred choice for all commercial sites. The reason for this popularity is that continuous flow heating systems are proven to be more energy efficient than conventional ones. Rinnai units meet the demands of any size or type of site and are ideal where high volumes are demanded at intermittent times of the day, delivering safe temperature usable hot water. For more information