Eurocoin has introduced a range of what it calls low-cost, high reliability coin mechanisms from the US-based manufacturer Imonex. The mechanisms are said to be robust, hard-wearing and can keep coin-related servicing and maintenance to a minimum.

No moving parts

The units have no moving parts or rockers/cradles and do not require adjustment or maintenance during everyday use. The Imonex coin processor can reduce jamming and provides higher rates acceptance for valid coins which have sustained slight damage or bending during use. Imonex mechanisms are Euro-Ready in all main denominations in addition to being suitable for the UK coin set.

There are many applications for which the Imonex mechanisms are suitable. Their combination of low-cost and minimum maintenance has made them popular in the US market, said the company. for applications in the amusement or leisure sectors that involve coin or token payment.

Different environments

The resilience of the units in a wide range of environments and weather conditions also makes them suitable for applications like launderettes. As the models in the range differ in their capabilities it is possible to match the coin mechanism with the end-use requirements.

Steve Smith, sales director of Eurocoin said: “The Imonex range fills a gap in the market and provides a cost-effective option in numerous applications. We distribute Imonex products on an exclusive basis in Europe and customers benefit from the highest levels of sales and technical support from our experienced team.”

Eurocoin has specialised in cash handling for nearly 30 years. The company’s product portfolio includes coin mechanisms, note acceptors, tokens and a range of cash handling accessories such as coin counters and security bags.