Japanese shirt-finishing specialist Sankosha has appointed Klentec, the Cheltenham-based laundry and drycleaning equipment supplier as its UK distributor.

Klentec’s managing director Robert Dixon says he will initially bring in two machines, the single-buck shirt finisher and the collar-and-cuff press machine. He expects first deliveries by the end of August.

Sankosha equipment produces a high quality finish with the ability to produce detail such as a shirt-sleeve tuck. It is also easy to use, allowing a single operator to press at least 45 shirts per hour. Microprocessor controls include a self-diagnostic function.

Klentec plans to offer the full Sankosha range and gradually introduce other machines.

Sankosha was established in 1942 and is strong in the US.

It recently restarted its European operation by establishing a base in Rotterdam.