Further improvements to the well-known OdoSorb system developed by Seitz, the specialist in chemicals for the drycleaning and laundry industries, have been made possible by intensive research.

Seitz has established a solid reputation for its production and sale of modern, highly effective products for professional laundry and textile care in solvents as well as consulting, installation and maintenance of dosing facilities for powder and fluid detergents.

Its Viva OdoSorb is a new, highly effective product for professional and industrial laundry, making laundered textiles clean and fresh and freeing them from all persistent smells.

Ultraclin OdoSorb is the partner product for highly effective results in drycleaning machines.

It is a concentrated drycleaning detergent with a super-active odour-absorber that binds the molecules that cause the odour and reliably rinses them.

OdoSorb can be used as a pre-brushing agent, a drycleaning activator or detergent in the drycleaning machine, as a concentrate for the washing process or as a spray.

The OdoSorb-Spray is available in 100-ml spray bottles for selling over the counter. In a space-saving holder box (12 bottles per box), OdoSorb-Spray can be sold directly to end-users, for use on shoes or clothes.