Pellerin Milnor Corporation will display a variety of new equipment at Clean ’01 in New Orleans, including a newly restyled tunnel washer and new small washer-extractors.

Milnor’s CBW® tunnel washer is designed for a variety of washroom applications. The machines feature relocated components for easier installations and servicing and better use of floorspace.

These machines feature total top transfer, excellent bath separation, double drum construction and a high level of flexibility.

Moving parts

There are fewer moving parts, including fewer motors, gear reducers and chains. A direct-driven gear reducer eliminates belts and pulleys. Controls have also been moved to where they are easily accessible to service technicians.

Service and maintenance points are concentrated in easy-to-reach locations to avoid the need for ladders. Valves are now lower so they can be reached from floor-level. Also, a welded steam manifold reduces the chance of leaks.

The company’s Mentor® controller for Milnor tunnel washers will also be on display. This Windows-based software program brings ease of operation, programming and servicing.

A new single-stage extraction press exhibits a compact design and provides laundries with the flexibility and strength needed to process a variety of goods. The basket accommodates up to 130lbs. (60kg) of standard cotton sheets. The basket’s large diameter keeps the cake relatively flat for fast drainage. The compact design of the press requires less space and the press can be ordered in various installation arrangements to fit multiple laundry layouts. A 64058 pass-through gas dryer will also be featured at the show. These high-efficiency dryers conserve floorspace and use a new burner design for fast throughput. They have a basket volume of 108 cu. ft. (3058 L).

The Mildata® data management system – a Windows-based software product – is capable of monitoring an entire washroom and can generate concise, meaningful reports.

Large open-pocket washer-extractors from Milnor provide popular capacities of 74.5 cu. ft. (2110 L) and 93 cu. ft. (2633 L). The 64040 E6N will be at the show with a new bearing design that provides longer operating life and ease of maintenance. An innovative design allows seals and seal sleeves to be replaced through the cylinder for simplified maintenance.

Also, if water should pass beyond a worn bearing, it is channelled away from the bearing and drained through five exit holes at the rear of the machine.

This product line also features the larger 64050 E6N. Milnor’s popular line of suspended washer-extractors has just recently become larger.

The new 48040 F7P is a 125kg capacity machine with forward and rear tilt options. This largest member of Milnor’s suspended machine family uses an advanced vibration control system to control vibration. Smaller capacity members of this product line are the 42032 F7J, the 36030 F8J and the 30022 F8J. Also on display will be the 50-52 kg capacity model 36030 F8W. Milnor’s new smaller washer-extractors — featuring a range of easy-to-use controls — will also be on hand. These models offer some of the same design features that make other Milnor machines so attractive, like durable construction, single-speed motors and proven tapered roller bearings. An efficient inverter drive produces the speeds needed for a variety of goods.

Featured will be a 36026 V7J, a 43-45 kg capacity machine, with the E-P Plus control. This model has six speeds and has 30 formulas, all programmable, for a variety of markets. Also on display will be a 30022 T5X with the E-P Express control.

Three speed

This 25-27 kg capacity model provides three speeds and 30 formulas with streamlined programming decisions. The 30022 T5E, a 25-27 kg capacity machine featuring the E-P OneTouch control will also be on display. This model has four fixed formulas for easiest operation.

Also featured will be Milnor small dryers, including the M96, which features roller drive for durability and is completely front serviceable.

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