Versaperm, a leader in the measurement of vapour permeability, has developed a system for ISO fabric testing that significantly reduces testing time down to as little as thirty minutes for many fabrics.

The system has been designed so that it can be used for both product development and the quality control of fabrics and garments.  It is ideally suited to textiles that need to allow the passage of water vapour (breathable), but strongly resist both water droplets and wind.

With the market for active wear riding on the crest of a $200billion wave, the demand for new high performance textiles puts textile producers under considerable pressure to introduce ever-smarter fabrics. However, ISO fabric testing can take several weeks to make even a single permeability measurement and this adds a massive time lag into the process. 

Versaperm says that its latest range of equipment can test several fabrics at exactly the same time and to an accuracy in the Parts Per Million (PPM) to Parts Per Billion ranges. Additionally, unlike ISO standard systems, Versaperm’s equipment can optionally measure vapour permeability of multiple gasses, such as oxygen and water vapour, through the same sample at the same time.