For hard pressed High Street businesses and small laundries looking for a hook to draw in more domestic customers during lockdown, and hopefully keep them afterwards, a new survey may hold the key.

LCN has taken kitchen retailer Wren Kitchens’ findings on the time/calorie burn used up on household laundry chores and discovered that textile care businesses can improve the health of the nation and swell their own bank balances at the same time.

Household chore  

Average time spent on chore per month (minutes)

Calories burnt







According to a survey just published by Wren Kitchens*, over one month a person uses up an average of nearly 3000 calories, spending on average around 1200 minutes (20 hours) in the month on laundry and ironing.

If households handed those chores over to a professional textile care business they could use up more calories by exercising in the same time frame.

According to website, for example, an hour’s leisurely walking for somebody weighing 156 lb (11 stone approx.), would use 247 calories per hour, running moderately 690 calories per hour and cycling moderately 564 calories per hour.

When you have done the sums, it is clear that it is better for the public’s health and waistlines to use the services of their local textile care experts and take the outdoor exercise rather than labouring over laundry chores.

*Wren Kitchens commissioned a survey of 1000 respondents. The survey questioned respondents on their daily activity and how much time was spent on each. The calories were then calculated by multiplying survey data by calorie data found in the database.

The calorie counts are based on the average weight of a person being 156 pounds. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more. If you weigh less, you’ll burn less.