The Press, of Washington D.C. has been awarded Affiliate status under America’s Best Cleaners certification process, one of the most stringent independent certification processes in the garment care industry.

With over 40 years of industry experience, The Press is a family owned and operated drycleaning and laundry brand with three locations in Washington D.C. and one in Fairfax, Virginia. They offer complimentary laundry bags to their delivery customers, and garment bags to all customers at cost, in an effort to reduce their plastic waste products.

“Ever since I first entered the drycleaning industry, I strived to be a part of America’s Best Cleaners,” said Je Kang of The Press. “When I was starting out, I read about the best cleaners and saw one common factor: they were all a part of ABC. I knew if I strived to be a part of ABC it would only improve myself, and if I ever became an affiliate, I knew I had made it as the top of the top.”