TRSA’s 29th annual Maintenance Management Institute (MMI) is back with a bang aft the Embassy Suites O’Hare Rosemount, Rosemount Illinois 12-14 October. The event has been totally revamped for 2022 with new speakers, new location, new date and an improved programme, says the TRSA.

TRSA MMI is the industry’s longest running and most recognised maintenance management and technology development programme. The annual MMI offers engineers, plant and general managers, as well as others responsible for maintaining and operating linen, uniform and facility services laundry equipment the opportunity to refine their technical and management skills to optimise plant efficiency. 

MMI maximises equipment life and reduces downtime by teaching plant systems and components, building technical skills, enhancing understanding of electronics and improving engineering management.

  • Identifies opportunities to reduce costs
  • Incorporates plant problem-solving in corporate culture
  • Builds understanding of common equipment failures
  • Identifies plant-wide and departmental improvements

MMI emphasises the latest technologies and maintenance practices while minimising time away from the plant and overall cost to attend. The program teaches a variety of techniques that empower laundry personnel to create more effective, efficient maintenance practices. Participation fosters their professional relationships with colleagues and the foremost engineering experts.

Specific solutions
When attendees arrive at each MMI, they note issues or problems they face in their plants that the MMI class can discuss and advise on solving. Participants fill in forms that explain these challenges. The MMI Task Force of engineering experts reviews these submissions for presentation in the MMI troubleshooting panel discussion.

The event is open to members and non-members. To find out more, please visit here.